7-up shuffleboard

I’ll play, too.   I have only recently gotten an iPod; it is kinda cool how the shuffle can create interesting combinations.  For example, the other day it served me “Trial before Pilate”, from Jesus Christ Superstar, immediately followed by Metallica’s “Motorbreath”, from Kill ‘Em All.

But on to today’s first seven serves:

“D. Boon” – Uncle Tupleo – Still Feel Gone:  First Tupelo record I got, and I still like it the best.  This song is a doubly good selection; more on this later.

“Time Is On My Side” – Rolling Stones – Hot Rocks:  Had this record as a wee lad.  I run a little hot & cold with the Stones, and this one’s fair to middlin’. Great guitar noodlin’ though.

“Territorial Pissings” – S.O.D. – Live at Budokan:  First, yep, this is a cover of the Nirvana tune.  Second, this live reunion album by Stormtroopers of Death was actually a show at the Roxy in NYC.  Third, the singer admits he doesn’t know the song really at all. Their originals are better, but this is OK fun.

“Holiday” – Vampire Weekend – Contra: I like this one even after hearing it on six million commercials.  Their drummer is tops!

“Sail On” – Commodores:  I have this on a huge Motown singles collection.  I was in a disco cover band a few years back that banged this one out, garage style.  Solid Gold, baby!

“Man with The Money” – The Who – A Quick One:  Not one of the better Who songs, but decent 60s pop.  Entwistle sings this one, I believe.

“Gravity” – Minutemen – The Punch Line:  Pretty cool that D started this whole thing off, after a fashion.   I’ve dug the Minutemen since high school, which led to Black Flag a bit, and later, to the Meat Puppets & Husker Du.  Thanks, SST!

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