Joe’s 7-up mix

Here’s the first 7 tracks when i shuffle my iPhone’s library:

  • 1. Mark Lanegan BandBombed – Bubblegum – i somehow missed this when it came out a couple years ago. i was a huge Screaming Trees fan, and got a little bored with Mark’s solo work. but this latest album is great.
  • 2. SalembruStreet – FuCKT – can’t get enough of these guys. best Witch House out there
  • 3. Fenneszside 2 – SZAMPLER – one of the best abstract guitar/glitch guys out there
  • 4. Bardo PondAdrop – Adrop – along with the DeadC, these guys are my all-time favorite band.
  • 5. DJ Yung Bukkakemoney up lol mix – great juke/footwork sounds
  • 6. Vibracathedral OrchestraSmoke Song – Smoke Song – Neil Campbell’s (UK) long running psych/noise group
  • 7. DJ Nateburn em all – another of the top juke/footwork DJs from Chicago
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